i'm katarina and this show is stupid

So, I won’t be here until next Wednesday (Sept. 10), because my second examination period begins and I have to go back to college, where i don’t have my computer. Unfortunately, I don’t have anything in my queue, so yeah, see you on Wednesday. (◡‿◡✿)

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What, you think we’re boyfriend and girlfriend here? You’re nothing but the entire world to me.

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Anonymous asked: dude where did you get the pretty backgrounds for noels tweets

I just googled ‘floral backgrounds’

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Anonymous asked: okay that anon isnt the only one who doesn't like mickey. we should be able to dislike whoever we want to, no need to be rude about it


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buckarubarnes asked: Hey I've been thinking about watching shameless and I wanted to know if I should watch the us or uk version? Which one do you think is better?

I don’t know which one is better since i’ve seen only US one and i love it so much. But they are two completely different shows, so i guess you could watch both. :)

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