i'm katarina and this show is stupid

Anonymous asked: OMG HOW DO U COLOR

ritual sacrifice

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The best thing about mistakes is that we get to correct them.

Anonymous asked: i guess "larger" isn't the right term but i don't know how else to describe it. you know when you post a new screen cap in the tags and it's smaller before clicking on it and then it expands? mine just upload to it's full size and i don't know how to fix that. i'm so sorry, i just feel like an idiot over this. thank you for your time and help!

OHHH well that’s not bad, it’s just an option you can choose to make your posts expand, so you don’t have to click on them. there was an option for that in settings but i can’t seem to find it now??

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Anonymous asked: i'm so sorry to keep bothering you, but i'm saving my screencaps as 500x280 in photoshop but when i upload them to tumblr, the cap doesn't stay that size, it keeps getting larger. do you have any tips or suggestions on how to fix that?

i have no idea why, because width limit is 500px, so it shouldn’t be larger when uploaded. maybe you switched width and length, that’s the only reason why smaller picture would be bigger i really don’t know sorry

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Anonymous asked: what size do you make your screencaps before posting them to tumblr?


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It’s like when a plane goes down, what do they call that? It’s never just one thing that causes it, it’s a chain reaction. Cascading failures, that’s what this feels like.

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Anonymous asked: How did you manage to make screencaps in your latest edit to look so... soft?

lots of these


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mickey the type to be like “you callin’ me gay?” after the officiant tells him to kiss ian at the altar

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